Use of Smart tools for govt. officials

Course Overview/Objective

Introduction to smart tools.

Awareness about cyberbullying.

Use of google calendar, map, translator, drive, drop box,  etc.

Use of mobile apps- cam scanner, device tracker, whatsApp, imo, messenger, viber,  signal, telegram-x, etc.

Smart use of E- mail

Online meeting apps- zoom, boithak, google meet,  etc.

Information security- introduction to security.

Internet security, security on securing mobile devices, securing the cloud, etc.

Securing operating systems, malware and antivirus.

Online shopping, social networking,

How to use ride sharing apps.

Software as a service- google doc, sheets, slides, etc.

Use of government cloud (g- cloud) and mail.

Microsoft - cloud service.

Digital Signature.



Government Official

Course Project
Used Tools
Smart tools
Course Outline