Post Graduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

Course Overview/Objective

Graduate any dicipline.

Course Project
Used Tools
Course Outline

First Term

1            PGDICT-101  Computer Fundamental                            

2            PGDICT-102     Operating System                                   

3            PGDICT-103     Programming in C                            

4            PGDICT-104     Database Management Systems                  

5            PGDITC-105     Communicative English                        

6            PGDITC-106     Web Site Design & Web Application Development                        


Second Term                                                                                    

1          PGDICT-201  System Analysis & Design

2          PGDICT-202  System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

3          PGDICT-203  Advanced Web Technology with Programming           

4          PGDICT-204  Data Communication & Networks           

5          PGDICT-205  Project Works