Digital Marketing

Course Overview/Objective
  • To provide technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of Digital Marketer occupations of the Digital Marketing sector. The
  • To implement to ensure at least 80% of total contact hours on practical/hands on skills training or practice and 20% trade occupations related theory including OHS and soft modules;
  • To enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued and utilized both within and beyond the workplace;
  • To design to meet the required competencies of  the occupations needed in the labor market in and outside the country
  • H.S.C / Equivalent
  • Completion of 3 Months IT Training Course

Course Project
Used Tools
Course Outline
Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing, Types of Digital marketing e.g. SMM, SEO, Affiliate, Mobile, Pay Per Click Marketing, Opportunities of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • A true definition of social media, social media marketing
  • Branded case studies, both B2B & B2C, of successful businesses, Why social media is working for companies today, social media optimization, social media marketing strategy for business. obstacle of social media marketing
  • ABCs of Facebook Marketing
  • Define & Differentiate Marketing & Branding; The 5ps of marketing;  Define Facebook Marketing; Advantages of Advertising on Facebook; Comparison between Facebook advertising & Google Adwords Advertising; Grow your Glocal (Global+Local)  Business leveraging the power of Facebook ads;
  • Setting Up Business page & Business Account
  • Setting up Facebook  page; Concept of Vanity URL; Creating Facebook Business Account; Integration of account information & Credit card data into Facebook; the most appropriate billing method for Bangladeshi advertiser; Limitation of Facebook Ad Account.
  • Alignment of Marketing Objectives with Campaign Objectives
  • Fix your marketing objectives; Explore Different types of campaign objectives (Page Post Engagement, Website Clicks ;); align your marketing objectives with campaign objectives
  • Discover Your Target Market
  • Concept of Target Market & Demography; Target Marketing Segmentation; Concept of Pareto Analysis; Broad Vs Narrow Target Segment; Create different types of audience based on your market segment; Concept of audience overlapping.
  • Facebook Campaign Structure
  • Account > Campaign > Adset > Ads; Creation of Campaign, adset, ads in power editor; Facebook Post/Ad Jargon: Post Title, Post Description; Call to Action (CTA),  ; ;Published Post vs Unpublished Post;
  • Set up Your First Ads on Facebook
  • Facebook Campaign using Published post vs unpublished post; Write catchy content for your ad; Craft your facebook ad image; Facebook Ad Image guideline; 20% Rule of Facebook Image
  • Different types of Campaign
  • Clicks to Website; Event Responses; Lead Generation; Page Like; Product catalog sales; website conversion; Video Views; Group Project (Trainee will start setting campaign practically on group basis).
  • Facebook Campaign Measurement Jargon
  • Facebook Marketing Jargon: Impression, Reach, Engagement; Frequency, CTR, CPM, CPC, ROI, ; Ad Relevancy;
  • Campaign Measurement Tools
  • Explore Facebook page insights; Competitor analysis using Watch to pages option; Set up Facebook Pixel; Integration Facebook Conversion pixel for WordPress website; Importance of using Facebook Pixel; Concept of Re-marketing; 
  • Individual Project (Trainee will be given a project individually).
  • Campaign Measurement Tools
  • Use of Google Analytics URL builder to measure Facebook Traffic exactly; Set up custom audience leveraging the power of Facebook pixel.
  • Campaign Optimization Technique & Assessment
Ad Relevance Optimization Technique, Placement Optimization, Adset Optimization, Age Group Based optimization.


  • Twitter Basics & Terminology, Introduction to Twitter  , Why Twitter matters Twitter Account, Creating Twitter Profile. Twitter Profile Graphics. Twitter Profile Optimization, Master the 140 Character Twitter Post  Establishing Your Twitter Presence, Business Competitor Analysis. , Tweet with Minimal Effort Using Hootsuite, Finding the right people & accounts to follow in your business, How to search properly for information & competitors, Learn how to use Twitter search for specific content and lead generation, Using Twitter lists as a powerful marketing tool
  • Twitter Strategies for Effective Marketing
  • Twitter Traditional Marketing, Hashtags and trending topics, Twitter Marketing, Twitter Marketing Monitoring Tools, Twitter Analytics. Understanding Klout on Twitter
    Google Plus
Google Plus Basics & Statistics , What is Google Plus, Why are so many businesses using Google Plus, The Google Plus Layout, Optimize a Profile, Circle, Community, Hangout, How to find relevant conversations in Google Plus, Google Plus Event
The Google Plus Page, Setting up a Google Plus Business Page. Business Page Optimization. Business Competitor Analysis, Content Plan Google Plus Marketing, Backdoor Marketing Plan, 3rd Party Tool.
  • Instagram, Introduction to Instagram, Navigating the layouts, Fixing a new account, Optimization, Research Policy, Photo Editing. Instagram Marketing.
  • The Basics, How to use LinkedIn, Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Degree, Skill Endorsment, Pulse, How to find connections relevant to you and your industry. Ranking
  • Introduction, Recommendation LinkedIn For Business, Linkedin Group, Your LinkedIn company page Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies, LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Basics, The Layout of Pinterest, Pinterest Business Account, Account Optimization, Boards Strategy 
  • Pinterest Marketing, Using Pinterest in Your Marketing Campaigns, Blog and YouTube Channel Promotion, Pinterest Analytics
  • Basics, Layout of YouTube, How to search videos. Video Features
  • Channel, Optimizing a YouTube Channel. Channel Verification, Video Uploading Process, Video Optimization (YouTube SEO) , Annotation, Copyright Facts, Monetization
  • Live Events, Branding, YouTube AD, YouTube Analytics, Video Editing Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Back-links through YouTube, Keyword Planning and Setup. Digital YouTube Marketing
Content Marketing 
Introduction, Why content is king, Why Image is Queen, Definition of content marketing Actions, Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy, Content Posting Rules (80-20)
  • Keyword research, Target Audience, Optimize your content for search. Publish Regularly and Timely. Planning Template, Measure the success.
  • Introduction to AdWords: Paid Search vs. Organic Search; the Psychology of Search, Benefits & Features of AdWords, Search vs. Display Display Network
  • Ad Formats: Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, Rich Media Display Ads
  • Google Adwords Account
  • Account registration and settings, Navigation, Account Structure
  • Google Adwords Campaign Structure
  • Google Adwords Campaign Structure: Account > Campaign > Ad Group > Ads, Components of a Campaign; Creating a Campaign; Campaign settings; Editing a Campaign
  • Keyword Planner & Display Planner
  • Introduction to Keywords, Use of Keyword planner to research keyword, Introduction to Display planner, Placement Strategy of Google Adwords.
  • Playing with Ad Group
  • Creating Ad Groups; Editing Ad Groups; Monitoring; Best Practices.
  • Bidding & Budgeting
  • Bidding & Budgets: Setting & Managing Bids, Setting & Managing Budgets, Impacts on Ranking, Best Practices. Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking: How Google Measures Performance, Troubleshooting, Optimization Performance.
  • Google Adwords Ad Quality
  • Ad & Site Quality: Quality Score, How Its Determined, Landing Page & Site Quality, Best Practices.
  • Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking,
  • Optimization Performance