Upcoming Training

Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
Batch No: 25  [Deadline: 30 Dec 2021]

Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
Batch No: 26  [Deadline: 30 Dec 2021]

Training Programme on Python
Batch No: 03  [Deadline: 15 Feb 2022]

Use of Smart tools for govt. officials
Batch No: 01  [Deadline: 16 Feb 2022]

Digital Marketing
Batch No: 03  [Deadline: 24 Feb 2022]

Cryptography, Information and Cyber Security
Batch No: 07  [Deadline: 14 Mar 2022]

Advanced Office Applications specialized on Excel and Access
Batch No: 08  [Deadline: 22 Mar 2022]

Big Data Analysis using Hadoop
Batch No: 02  [Deadline: 23 Mar 2022]

Emerging Technology for govt. officials
Batch No: 01  [Deadline: 23 Mar 2022]

Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Batch No: 62  [Deadline: 05 Apr 2022]

E-Government Applications
Batch No: 03  [Deadline: 16 May 2022]

Professional Software Testing
Batch No: 02  [Deadline: 18 May 2022]

Web Site Design , Development and Outsourcing Techniques
Batch No: 21  [Deadline: 23 Jun 2022]

Welcome to BKIICT


One of the activities of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is to develop trained manpower in the field of ICT through ICT training. In the year of 2005, with the technical and financial assistance of government of Korea through Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Bangladesh Computer Council established “Bangladesh Korea Institute of Information and Communication Technology (BKIICT)”, an international-standard ICT training institute, housed on the ground floor of BCC Bhaban at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the... Read more

Message from Executive Director (BCC)

I am fortunate  to have a very strong team of high skilled professionals who support me to carry forward the mission of  BCC. We have gone through a serious transformation recently to run our business treating everyone coming to us a customer. This means we try to ensure “customer service” in whatever we do and are always keen to see a happy smile in all our customer’s face. So BCC now being a government organization is working more or less like a private company where customer satisfaction is at the core of whatever we do.

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